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Get the Love You Want

Relationship Made Whole Again



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No Theory
No Unending Analysis
Only Practical Answers to Getting the Love You Want

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“This book and Genie Goodwin are amazing. After 31 years of conflict, where ALL counselors recommended divorce, I found Genie & this book.  I used the skills I learned to renew my marriage in one weekend!  We BOTH feel and enjoy the love again. I’m getting this book for everyone I know.

Patricia Bansen

Nurse, OHSU

“Genie Goodwin is a relationship master.  Her wisdom is undeniable and her passion unstoppable.  She has transformed my understanding of relationships and she can do the same for you.”

Bill Dolan


“When it comes to teaching women how to communicate with men and men how to really communicate with women, Genie is absolutely brilliant! She is not just a “relationship guru” she is a “Relationship Genius.”

Anita Kirkman


“Love is the most powerful force on the planet and it can
fuel all your success in life.”

As a leadership trainer, & relationship business consultant, Genie creates powerful breakthroughs for her clients.  In one day the hardest relationship problems have been  demolished so connection, forgiveness, and passion are restored.

Crafting high-yield, strategic action plans to accelerate personal growth & maximum achievement, she unleashes a combination of purpose & passion to build magnificent relationships that fuel success.

She has taught her life-transforming programs for over 2 decades with clients all over the world. Whether in companies, in 5-star resorts, as well as through the University of Hawaii, her dynamic programs deliver transformation. She is an exciting radio guest and was the resident Success Coach on Maui’s Wild 105 radio station.

Originally from California, Genie and her husband have been married for 38 years and have 3 children. They reside in Idaho when they are not traveling the world. She loves finding new adventures everywhere she goes.